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Our Mission

At Insomniac Studios we strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of the creative community through purposeful artistic space making, industry standard facilities and state of the art equipment.

Recording Music

Our Vision

Insomniac Studios envision creatives of all mediums having the resources and support to thrive in any city, but especially our hometown of Milwaukee.  


With wholistic support, we help local creatives build new and innovative Art.

What We Do....

Insomnias Studios is Milwaukee's newest foundation for the creation of new works, careers and opportunities in Film, Photography, Music and Dance.

Image by Keagan Henman
Video Editors

How We Do It..

Through an affordable membership template, Insomniac Studios provides creatives of all genres (Videographers, Photographers, Music Producers, Dancers and Visual Artists) with the facilities and support to bring their work to life.

Let’s Work Together

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